INE has received 2,580 votes from Mexicans abroad, via postal mail – El Sol de México

He INE has received, until May 1, 2,580 votes from Mexicans abroad by postal means, reported Alejandro Sosa Durán, head of the Executive Directorate of the Federal Register of Voters (DERFE) of the National Electoral Institute.

In a press conference, from the place where they prepare and send the packages containing the ballots and the instructions for issuing the sugragio, Sosa Durán reported on the progress of this voting mode that 53 thousand compatriots were elected residents in 154 countries.

As of yesterday, we have received 2,580, tomorrow we are going to have a reception, those are the ones who have already voted and the packages are already coming back.Alejandro Sosa, head of the DERFE.

The head of the DERFE explained that so far they have sent 47 thousand 154 packages of postal voting, of which 34 thousand have been delivered.

According to Sosa, the INE will send the remaining packages tomorrow so that Mexicans abroad can cast their vote.

Until when can I send my foreign vote by post?

He INE will receive the votes of Mexicans abroad until 8:00 a.m. on June 1. All packages will be sheltered by the Executive Directorate of Electoral Organization that will transfer them June 2nd to the facilities of TEC from Monterrey to count them.

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