Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson reportedly had a ‘strong argument’ on the set of ‘Red Notice’

Currently, there is talk of an alleged confrontation between the renowned actors Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnsonin the middle of the recordings of the Netflix movie ‘Red Notice‘ of 2021. It is said that during the filming of this installment the actors they would have had a ‘strong argument’due to Dwayne’s delays in getting to the set, according to some news outlets. The Wrap.

As revealed before the aforementioned medium, the actor known as The Rock He would arrive up to eight hours late to the set on some days, angering some of his colleagues, including Ryan Reynolds, who had a serious conversation with Dwayne to the point of doing so. leave the set after the confrontation.

People who spoke with TMZthey said that after this, both actors They didn’t speak for years until recently they fixed things, and since then they have looked for a way to maintain a good relationship among them. At the same time, some say the details of their confrontation were exaggerated, but only the actors are the ones who know what really happened.

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