King Charles III resonates in the United States for the first time with an inspirational speech

The Christmas speech king Charles III It has undoubtedly served to enable the monarch to attract the attention of a much wider audience than he is accustomed to. In the United Kingdom it is normal for people to feel identified with each of the words the monarch says and that is why they support him, however, it is the first time that the king’s influence has managed to reach the country, USA.

In his speech for the times of celebration that the world is experiencing, King Charles III expressed his gratitude to the people who made this a good year, especially those who dedicate themselves to caring for others and the planet itself. He himself assured: ‘Thanks to God’s providence and solidarity, we are totally blessed, so we must learn to behave wisely.‘.

It was these words that resonated in the hearts of Americans to the point of leaving positive comments in the media where the video was broadcast. Some pointed out that ‘The king’s words are inspiring, they inspire me to be a better person‘, ‘The king’s speech reached America, and all people must sow the same hope‘, among others, thus demonstrating that his authority, power and wise words have already been very well accepted by the inhabitants of the United States.

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