King Felipe VI would also have been unfaithful to Queen Letizia

He king Philip VI has remained quite hermetic in the face of scandal who points directly to his wife for allegedly having an affair with his ex-brother-in-law. However, it seems that the monarch would also have had an adventure, although much shorter, but detailed by an important portal in his country.

According to ‘El Nacional de Catalunya’, King Felipe VI has also been unfaithful to the queen Letiziasince he had an affair (one night only according to the media), with a beautiful woman who completely conquered him.

that meeting It would have happened at the time when Felipe was starting to date Letizia. That is, they already had a relationship but she had not yet asked him to marry her. Furthermore, at that time she was still talking to Eva Sannum and some other woman who snuck into his life for one night.

To the current king He had no shortage of suitors, and before finally deciding on the current queen, he saw another woman, also with blonde hair and a little shorter than him, who he liked a lot.

They had an amazing night together, but their heart was already beating for Queen Letizia, states the aforementioned media. Even so, Felipe could not help but fall into temptation, but with a clear mind that it was Letizia who was going to become his wife and mother of his two daughters.

Although the infidelity scandal of the Queen Letizia remains latent in the media and social networks, nor the king Philip VI neither Operetta They have decided to give them coverage; They have remained completely silent and have followed their agenda of activities to the letter.

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