King Juan Carlos accused of leaking Queen Letizia’s alleged infidelity to King Felipe VI as revenge

Within the controversy that shakes the world of Spanish royalty, rumors have arrived about who was guilty of supposedly spreading gossip about Queen Letizia’s infidelity to the king Philip VIand it is said that everything could have been a revenge plan on his part king Juan Carlos.

That’s right, according to the Iberian media, the former leader of the Spanish royalty would have been the person who gossiped against his own son, several entertainment sites claim that one of the evidence of this was the limitation on the exiled king’s departure from the country by the current monarch.

After the enormous controversy caused by the businessman Jaime del Burgoafter having claimed to maintain a romantic relationship with Letizia before and after her marriage to the leader of the Spanish monarchy, a revelation that shook the entire Iberian country, and of course, since the seriousness of the situation is extremely high.

On the other hand, royal fans have begun to debate the possibility rumored by the media about who could have been the one who confessed said information, with Juan Carlos being the first. suspicious, since according to several network users, he would have several reasons for doing so. What do you think of all this? Tell us in the comments.

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