Taylor Swift celebrates Christmas with Travis Kelce at a Chiefs vs Raiders game in the United States

American singer Taylor Swift She has recently been caught having a love affair with her current partner, the player Travis Kelcewhile enjoying a game in the United States in the middle of the Christmas season.

The 34-year-old artist enjoyed the game in the company of her mother Andrea, her father Scott and her brother Austin, and she was seen very happy cheering on her boyfriend from the VIP suite where the entire family was.

Taylor Swift was cheering on the game Chiefs vs. Raidersand she was seen wearing a typical Christmas outfit wearing a black checkered skirt, a red jacket, and a Christmas hat that had the number 87 printed on it, in reference to her boyfriend’s number.

Although the season of Christmas It was very different for Taylor, the smile on her face when she arrived in a golf cart with her family showed that she was having a good time, and as expected for the fans who were watching her at the game, it was a complete surprise to see her and receive your greetings.

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