“She seduced him without respecting that he was married and father of 5 children”

The infidelity scandal Queen Letizia it itches and spreads; but now, more rumors are coming out that indicate that the monarch not only betrayed the king Philip VI with Jaime Burgbut he would also have done it with other powerful figures in Spanish events.

The book of Jaime Penafiel has generated a huge scandal within the Royal family Spanish. She presents Queen Letizia as a seductive, sensually intelligent and ambitious woman who never had a problem dating whoever she wanted to rise in position and prestige.

The scriptures They suggest that the current monarch has always been calculating and with the incredible ability to gain the trust of anyone in her work environment. Jaime also recounts her alleged miscarriages and her desire for power by marrying the heir to the throne, Philip VI. Throughout his story, the scenes of the moments in which he, as a journalist for the royaltylearned about the past of who would be queen and who currently is.

But in the middle of his investigation, Peñafiel received a mysterious call from the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, a place where Letizia had done a professional internship. He journalist He says that one day his phone rang and on the other end of the line there was a woman who introduced herself as follows:

“I am the director’s wife from the newspaper ‘Siglo XXI’, the newspaper where Letizia worked during her stay in Guadalajara in 1995 as a reporter for the supplement ‘Tentaciones’, a position she earned by hooking up with the big boss, my husband. “What a kind of queen you have…!” the lady told her at the beginning of 2014.

The woman not only stated that, but also provided more details that until a few days ago have come to light. She revealed that at that time the newspaper was run by her husband, and she “she seduced him without respecting that he was a married man and father of five children”.

“She was the cuckold from the newspaper,” the woman said. «My husband was so in love with her that, when she returned to Spain, spent days mourning his departure. Afterwards, I decided to ask for a divorce,” she concluded.

These statements leave the Queen Letizia like a woman “breaks homes.” However, what millions of people in Spain and around the world are wondering right now is: Could this adventurous past of the monarch and wife of the king philip SAW?

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