LE SSERAFIM hypnotizes the Coachella audience after premiering a new song and wearing custom Louis Vuitton suits

Since last April 13, the renowned female group LE SSERAFIM has become a trend on social networks and media around the world, after the girl band made its debut at the great Coachella 2024 event that took place in the United States, where the young artists shook the stage and They ended their show hypnotizing the audience after performing a new song and wearing custom Louis Vuitton suits..

Kpop fans were able to be satisfied with the representation of this genre in the United States thanks to the girls and in just 40 minutesstipulated time for each artist, LE SSERAFIM performed 10 songsmaking the audience that was there jump and dance with enthusiasm to each of the girls’ lyrics.

In addition to performing iconic songs of the group such as ‘ANTI-FRAGILE‘, ‘FEARLESS‘ and ‘The Great Mermaid‘, the excitement among fans of the female group increased when they released a new unreleased song called ‘1-800-HOT-N-FUN‘, with which they delighted the Coachella attendees with a sample of their hip-hop and rap style, something that seriously took everyone by surprise.

At the same time, LE SSERAFIM’s performance was not the only thing that stole the show last night, since the costumes used to go on stage also stole everyone’s eyes, since each of the members appeared with a costume Custom Louis Vuitton, where the color black predominated, but was accompanied with silver plaids to make their outfits more striking. Without a doubt, the girls were the section of the big event in their debut, so their fans hope that they will continue to be invited in future editions.

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