IVE shares new concept photos for their upcoming mini-album

The girls of the famous group IVE of KPop have shared the most recent conceptual images with which they give more formality and intrigue to what will be their next mini-album titled IVE SWITCH

Each of them looked really charming in the snapshots, with a change in their vibes compared to usual, and elegant and feminine outfits that evoke bygone eras.

Quickly the DIVEas their followers call themselves, are liking, sharing and commenting, hoping that this whole pink and black world is closely related to the same concept of the upcoming songs, and they have some ‘magic’ planned. due to the creepy aura seen in the images.

At the moment, it is planned that this new musical production, which members Jang Won-young, Rei, Lee Hyun-seo, Liz, An Yu-jin and Gaeul have prepared, will be released next April 29.

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