LE SSERAFIM’s Coachella performance calms one of Yunjin’s biggest worries

To the joy of many lovers of the KPop genre and followers of the female group LE SSERAFIMat the beginning of this current year everyone was informed that said girl band was going to be one of the bands that would participate in the Coachella 2024 celebrated in the United States, an opportunity that would not be wasted by the girls, since would calm one of the concerns of one of its members.

Before the girls’ debut at this important musical event, the female group appeared in the documentary “The World Is My Oyster“, which featured some of the girls’ biggest moments, as well as behind-the-scenes images and videos from their debut, which included the selection of members and their group formation. However, the most striking thing was the part where each member sat down and discussed their journey to stardom.

Yunjin was one of the highlights of this documentary, as she talked about the love she has for the stage and her dream of being a singer could finally be achieved, as she had been waiting for that moment since she was only in seventh grade. However, Idol also focused on the lack of Asian representation in American media It made her doubt her dreams for a moment, because perhaps for her the best way to be a superstar was to have one talked about in the American country.

This seems to have been left in the past, because now LE SSERAFIM will make its first appearance at Coachella 2024, this being a giant step for the group and each of its members, making Yunjin’s worries go to another planesince the event is broadcast in all states of the United States and around the world.

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