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“Serious violations of human dignity are especially topical and among them is surrogacy, through which the child, immensely worthy, becomes a mere object. This is something deplorable, which also seriously offends the dignity of women and children and is based on the exploitation of the mother’s situation of material need. “A child is always a gift and never the object of a contract.”

SCJN (June 5, 2021)

“We resolve in favor of surrogacy. Women will be able to freely decide whether they do it out of altruism or by contract and will not be subject to their partners, because this would limit their freedom. The issue is not the sale of children, which should be considered in another space; “The most important and constitutional thing is the freedom of the woman to decide to provide the pregnancy service and her right to charge or not for this practice, as well as the characteristics of the corresponding contract itself, which can be regulated by state congresses.”

ALICIA PÉREZ DUARTE, doctor of Law and defender of Human Rights

“An issue that divides feminists in Mexico is surrogacy, because it leads to human trade. This practice, allowed in entities like Tabasco, violates one of the founding principles of human rights: dignity. The regulation of surrogacy involves something more than the free decision of the surrogate mothers, because it is about human commerce and ethically it has our legislators entangled, without figuring out what to do.”

AURORA GONZÁLEZ GINZO, General Secretary of the PSOE of Ribadeo

“Regulating surrogacy is the path that truly defends the rights of all and prevents anyone from being harmed. That is the reality that countries that study the issue without prejudice are finding and it is the reason why regulation is advancing in Europe and in the world: Portugal approved surrogacy in 2016. Ireland will present its proposal this summer. Iceland is already studying its surrogacy law. The United Kingdom and the Netherlands have presented proposals to improve their current legislation after decades of use of this technique. The Swedish Parliament has presented multiple motions urging the Government to regulate…”


“I propose an initiative that contravenes the consensus decision of a reform to the Constitution to prohibit surrogacy or surrogacy. It seeks to impose a penalty of 15 to 25 years in prison, and a fine of 2,000 to 30,000 days of the daily value of the Measurement and Update Unit on anyone who, through contract, benefits from surrogacy and the delivery of the girl or boy who is the product of it.

SARA LOVERA, journalist

“The issue should be part of the electoral agenda, and is very important within the framework of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which will review the situation of 14 countries, including Mexico. Surrogacy is a priority issue, added to a list of violations of women’s human rights that were left aside in this administration, while politics and elections are the most important thing. The truth is that we live in indifference.”

DAVID GONZÁLEZ, president of the Association of Parents for Surrogacy (Spain)

“This is an assisted reproduction technique that has been developed in several countries for more than 30 years, without this having generated any specific problems. It allows couples who want to have children, and who for multiple reasons cannot do so on their own, to have biological children. Just as we donate organs, and even donate eggs, which today seems absolutely normal to us, you can help another person to conceive her child, with whom the surrogate mother has no genetic link.”

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