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After Iran launched a drone attack against Israel this afternoon, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) announced the emergency telephone numbers for Mexicans who reside or are visiting the Middle East and require consular support.

The agency also suggested that compatriots follow the publications of X’s official accounts to have all the updated local information about the maximum alert situation in the region.

He recommended that Mexicans who planned to travel to the region not do so.

“La@SRE_mx shares the emergency numbers of the Mexican embassies in Middle Eastern countries, advises against traveling to the area in question and suggests taking precautions and recommendations in the face of the alerts that local authorities are transmitting, as well as following the publications of the following accounts from X to have updated information: For @EmbaMexIsr,” SER wrote through its official account on X.

The telephone numbers of the Mexican embassies in Middle Eastern countries are as follows:

  • Embassy of Mexico in Israel – 054-316-6717
  • Embassy of Mexico in Iran – (+98) 9121224463
  • Embassy of Mexico in Jordan – (+962) 77 800 0494
  • Embassy of Mexico in Lebanon – 03 044 598

Previously, the Foreign Ministry expressed its deep concern about the attack and the costs that this action could have on thousands of human lives.

Mexico condemns the use of force in international relations and calls on the parties to self-contain and seek solutions peacefully to avoid the generalization of the conflict in the Middle East. In the same way, Mexico emphasizes the importance of respecting international law for the sake of international peace and security, pointed out by the agency headed by Alicia Bárcena.

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After Israel confirmed the attack, the White House reported that it will provide support to Israel’s defense against air strikes. National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson confirmed in a statement that “Iran has initiated an airstrike against Israel” and added that “the United States will stand with the people of Israel and support their defense against these threats from Iran.”

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