Meghan Markle only ‘uses’ Prince Harry for personal benefits, says renowned expert

Candace Owens, an American vlogger and commentator, has spoken out against Meghan Marklethe former royal, pointing out that she is only ‘using’ Prince Harry, her husband, solely for personal gain and in order to make her biggest dreams come true.

According to the expert:

Meghan knew they would end up living in Los Angeles because that was her dream. Her dream was to be a star, but she couldn’t achieve it just with her merits as an actress.

He also showed his disagreement with Meghan Markle adding that:

He discovered that his dreams and personal benefits They would be fulfilled by marrying a prince, and that happened to him because he is not as intelligent as her. Although in a way he has also liked the fame and attention.

Candace Owens added in her statement that the Duchess of Sussex tried ‘destroy‘the British monarchy with its accusations of racism. And while these are the forceful words of an expert, she does not mean that her statements are a total reality.

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