Meghan Markle wants to dispel criticism of her and has done a very kind act

Meghan Marklethe famous American actress and current wife of prince harrywanted to deflect all the criticism towards her after the statements in the book ‘Endgame’, and has carried out a charitable act from which many people will benefit, especially the youngest.

The Duchess of Sussex appeared in the headlines of the most important news, but this time in a much more positive way, as it was reported that he made a generous donation to a non-profit foundation, which offers benefits and shelters to young women most in need. .

According to the medium The Mirrorthe actress and former royal signed a check worth more than 5000 dollars so that they would be used to benefit young women and children who are most in need. Additionally, she sent some makeup products with a note that said: ‘I am convinced that TrebeCafé’s work is a necessity for women and girls at risk.‘.

It is claimed that the money would have been sent from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s foundation, Archewell, and so far both the beneficiaries and the organization’s directors are very happy with the work that Meghan wanted to do. However, some Internet users have pointed out that this charitable act would have been to deflect all the criticism that the Duchess has recently gone through.

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