Christmas shopping at Costco becomes a trend or riots – El Sol de México

We’ve all seen a movie scene where people fight in stores to get an item during the Christmas season, and that scene came true this weekend at a Costco store in Mexico.

What sparked the battle at Costco? As happened a few months ago, when the chain announced that it would limit its sales to two per person, the trigger was the popular cakes it sells.

Through social networks, a video went viral where you can see a crowd of people waiting outside the bakery.

The clip captured the moment a Costco employee carries a batch of pastries to the counters, but before he can set foot out of the kitchen, the people waiting for him are already about to pounce.

The man seems to give some instructions to the group that was waiting for him; However, as soon as he takes a few steps towards them, people rush to grab one of the cakes.

The euphoria to get a couple of pieces is so much that even one of the people waiting falls to the ground between the pushes.

Another video that went viral shows several dozen people running when entering one of the Costco branches.

Most of the comments in the recordings criticized the behavior of the club’s customers, although there were also those who alleged that the chain had lost its exclusivity.

A similar situation occurred a few months ago – with equally chaotic scenes – when Costco announced that it would limit the sale of its cakes to two pieces per member.

The above was a measure taken by the chain to prevent the resale of its products, which are usually sold by the slice, particularly in informal dessert shops.

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