Meghan Markle will not return to acting with the ‘Suits’ spin-off and an important request is denied

American actress Meghan Markle will not return to acting with the announcement of the Spin-off of the famous series ‘Suits’ and has once again failed in his attempts to enter the entertainment industry in hollywoodafter the series producer flatly refused a request she had made to them.

It has recently been announced that a Spin-off from the famous series ‘Suits’, a production where the Duchess of Sussex He was one of the main characters and whose character is one of the most famous in the plot.

Thanks to this, they began to discuss the possibilities that the wife of the prince harry was present in this new story. However, she refused to return to her role in the series, claiming she had no desire to return to acting.

The duchess She does not want to return to her roles as an actress, but she still had a more serious proposal to the producers, which involved her being one of the producers of the Spin-off through his signature ‘Archewell‘. However, as reported by the ‘Daily Mail’, NBC flatly refused his proposal.

“Meghan is not willing to return to acting in this new stage of ‘Suits’. But she was trying to make her way as a producer on the spin-off with his signature Archewell, only that NBC has put an end to that idea by flatly refusing his request.”, they stated.

This way, Meghan Markle has suffered a strong rejection by the producers of ‘Suits’, who do not want the Duchess of Sussex to be part of the producers of this Spin-off which promises to be a complete success. Despite that, it has been made clear that NBC did want her to play her character again, but she no longer has any interest in him.

His desire to make his way in the industry hollywood have again been truncated, since his signature ‘Archewell‘has suffered several problems in being able to carry out different productions that have not been received with the expected support from the public.

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