Justin Bieber would be Usher’s guest at Halftime Super Bowl 2024 – El Sol de México

We are just a few hours away from celebrating the Super Bowl 2024where he halftime show will be headed by the singer and producer Usher, who confirmed that for the show he will have surprise guests without revealing the names, but information has emerged that Justin Bieber would be one of them.

It all started when, at the end of January, canadian singer started uploading videos on their social networks in the that you see him rehearsing with his musicianssomething that excited his fans because in 2023 announced that he was retiring from touring after being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

The rumor has gained more strength this Saturday when American media confirmed that Justin Bieber is in Las Vegas and he is expected to be with Usher at the Super Bowl halftime show, as they are united by a great friendship.

Usher did contact Justin Bieber

Added to this is the report from the TMZ website that Usher personally sought out Justin Bieber to discuss the possibility of having him join your presentation.

TMZ added that there were no middlemen involved and that the talk was held directly between both artists. However, it will not be until Sunday night when it is known whether the negotiations bore fruit.

Both artists They have had a close relationship for years.because the DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love performer along with the manager Scooter Braun were the Bieber mentorswhen he debuted at 13 years old.

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