Meghan Markle would seek political office in the United States, claims royal expert

American duchess and actress Meghan Markle He would have other plans for the future, focused mainly on aspiring to run for political office in his country, wishes that have already been previously disclosed through various media. Like the most recent one, who even claimed that the wife of the prince harry He has already had conversations with the sister of the president of the state Joined.

Paul Burrellroyal expert and former butler of the deceased Princess Diana, has stated that the Duchess of Sussex would be seeking political office in the United States.

The expert revealed that the ‘Suits’ actress has been looking connect with various officials of political events of the North American country, managing to relate with the president’s sister Joe Biden.

“Previously Biden’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens“endorsed” Markle as a woman he would support for the White House,” Burrel said in the ‘New York Post’.

Likewise, he assured that for some time there have been Meghan’s desire to get involved in politicseven before she renounced her royal duties as the Duchess of Sussex.

I have always said that Meghan has her eye on a bigger gain: She has her eye on politics and are trying to get involved in she”said Paul Burrell.

At the moment, Meghan Markle is promoting his lifestyle brand ‘American Riviera Orchard’, a business that has generated some criticism from followers of the British royal family.

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