More than 1,000 people fainted at Taylor Swift concert in Brazil

One of the nights that seemed to be the most special for Taylor Swift and his hundreds of fans who attended a concert in Brazilended in one of the most tragic nights that could be experienced at a concert, after the death of a fan due to cardiorespiratory arrest became known, and more than a thousand people fainted due to the heat wave that was experienced in the place.

According to social networks, the country’s temperatures reached more than 60 degrees, which caused the fans in the crowd, fury and fervor to feel very bad, to the point of being completely unconscious.

And the start of her tour in Brazil this November 17 did not end well for Taylor, as it was learned that one of her fans, Ana Benavides, died due to high temperatures. In addition, the moment was captured where the singer also had to leave the stage, because the heat she felt was already unbearable.

Unfortunately, the show didn’t start in the best way, and it is claimed that Swift’s team had to hand out water to concertgoers to withstand the heat. But this was not enough, since firefighters reported that an approximate number of 1000 attendees fainted while they waited for the night.

As has been known, the place did not have the best conditions to hold a show for that crowd, and the areas that were prepared for better ventilation were covered with coating, which prevented it from having a more adequate temperature.

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