NCT’s Haechan confessed that he kissed his partner Mark on the lips

The famous KPop group, NCTreleased the episode of his online show ‘MUK 2 U’ from Doyoung and Haechan, where the two entertained themselves with their companions Mark and Johnny who joined in order to share and drink some beers. During said transmission and already with a few drinks over, Haechan confessed that he once kissed his bandmate on the mouth, markin the middle of a small fight they had had.

Doyoung interjected into the topic by saying that at some point he had witnessed a fight between Haechan and Mark when they were trainees. At the time, the rapper claimed that he was taking a break from practicing on the floor when Haechan saw him, and that was when the latter claimed that he lost control and kissed his partner (it should be noted that it was in the mouth), who was defenseless and upset by the fight they had had. The event ultimately resulted in another dispute lasting more than two hours, which Doyoung witnessed.

The event in which two members of the group kissed gave a lot of talk on social networks, reaching more than 1.3 million views from their followers on tried his first kiss. The member who received the kiss could be traumatized, however, so far those involved are maintaining a good friendship.

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