NCT’s Jeno and Jaemin show off their hot shirtless bodies at new concert

The KPop group, NCT, has started his concert tour ‘The Dream Show 3’, with the first of his concerts being held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. There the two members Jeno and Jaemin They showed off their statuesque bodies without shirts while they did the typical choreographies of their dances.

As expected, fans were eager to see the boys on stage, but they were in for a big surprise when they saw the changes applied, such as the setlist and the group’s outfits. However, beyond that, Seeing two of the boys with little clothing was a total spectacle.

Jeno and Jaemin’s clothes were partially open, revealing their chests and abdomens in the open. Without a doubt, the guys in the band know how to make their followers happy and get them very interested in the show.

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