NCT’s Taeyong surprises his fans with his current haircut before his enlistment in the navy

As is becoming usual, many male KPop idols have made the decision to begin their mandatory military enlistment processes in South Korea, as is currently the case with Taeyong of NCTwho is waiting to enter the navy, recently He surprised fans with his current haircut before starting his new stage.

In a recent online forum, Internet users were surprised by the recent look of the member of the famous boy band, because just before entering the navy service, the Idol decided to get ahead of his haircut. Given this, fans could not contain their surprise at his decision

Taeyong went to his personal Instagram account to share with his followers several snapshots and a short video in which he shows his new haircut, content which looked like a photo shoot of a rapper either hip-hop singer. As expected, Internet users couldn’t help but make jokes about the artist’s new shaved look, making comments like: “It seems like he was more ready for a temple than to join the army.“However, there were others who praised his new shaved head:

It is so modern that it does not seem that it was for its military process“, “his way of presenting ourselves, his new cut drives us all crazy“, “honestly, it seems like his new look makes him feel refreshing“, “I can’t believe this looks so good on him, he looks like an American rapper and I love it. He is the best“some commented.

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