The reason why Sofía Vergara and Heidi Klum wouldn’t get along so well on the set of ‘American Got Talent’

The actress Sofia Vergara and the presenter Heidi klum They are currently part of the jury of the prestigious contest America’s Got Talent, where you can see them in each episode totally friendly and close. However, a source close to the two has stated that this is ‘a fact of hypocrisy‘, because behind the cameras they don’t get along very well.

According to the source who expressed this to the media National Enquirer:They’re both civilized and go online with lots of flashy selfies, but that’s all.‘. In order to explain the reason why the two don’t get along so wellthe person who spread the information said that they don’t have much in common, apart from their job.

It is known that the two do not share any type of tastesthese starting with food, since Heidi has been on a diet for most of her life and is very strict with what she eats, while Sofía Vergara makes a show when she wants to eat and doesn’t care much about taking care of herself in such a strict way.

For Heidi, meals are raw fruits and vegetables, while Sofia loves to eat and make a show of it, almost as if she were rubbing it in Heidi’s face. Therefore, people can sometimes perceive that there is a forced friendship, the source said.

It should be noted that the presenters have not mentioned anything about it, and all the information is taken from someone who may become very close to both of them.

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