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The Antarcticaalso known as the white continentstill keeps many secrets under the thousands of kilometers of ice and snow that make it up.

Recently something that caught the attention of the scientific community and of the curious of this pole of worldwas a mountain formation in the shape of pyramidwhich was related to the popular belief of being a construction made by beings from other galaxies.

However, there is no scientific evidence that supports the alleged origins alienswhat is a fact is that the “nunatak“, as these mountains are identified, impact due to their natural beauty.

What are the nunatak of Antarctica?

The nunatak They are geological formations found in the Antarctica and they are very similar to the Egyptian pyramids.

Being mountainous formations, they are far from being so symmetrical like the colossal constructions made by cultures like Maya wave inca.

These are very common structures of the mountains of Antarctica and are part of a chain more than 400 km long, according to the 20 minutes portal.

The peculiar thing about the sighting of the “pyramidfrom Antarctica is that they only occur in a brief season of the year, when the amount of snow is lower, which is from November to January, since in the following months of the year the temperature hovers around -30 °C.

What does nunatak mean?

Nunatak comes from the word “inuktitutmeaning solitary peak, the term has been used in Europeans since 1880.

This type of mountains was discovered by Lincoln Ellsworth on a trans-Antarctic flight from Dundee Island to the Ross Ice Shelf in 1935, according to the Spanish media. Expansion.

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