Netflix and its romantic movie that is all the rage around the world

The platform on-demand streaming Netflixrecently released a romantic movie which has conquered its subscribers, allowing it to be one of the most viewed productions in recent days.

‘Maker of Tears’ is the new movie that arrived on Netflix on April 4. It is an Italian production that was directed by Alessandro Genovesiand has a script written by Eleonora Fiorini and Alessandro Genovesi.

It is starring Caterina Ferioli, Alessandro Bedetti, Roberta RovelliOrlando Cinque, Sabrina Paravicini, Eco Andriolo, Nicky Passarella, Sveva Romana Candelletta and Juju Di Domenico.

The romantic history It has climbed into the top 10 of several countries around the world, where it even managed to position itself directly at number one in some.

“Nica and Rigel realize that some powerful and intense feelings unite them after being adopted from an orphanage, where they had a difficult childhood,” says the sypnosis from ‘Tear Maker’ in Netflix.

Check your official trailer here:

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