CNTE begins negotiation table with AMLO – El Sol de México

The Negotiating Commission of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNT), entered at 10:30 in the morning National Palace to hold a dialogue table with the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

They demand salary increasethe repeal of educational reform and the reinstatement of dismissals.

While the dialogue table begins with the head of the federal Executive, a contingent of CNTE teachers went out on Paseo de la Reforma Avenue heading to the Zócalo of Mexico City where they will wait for the general report of the Single Negotiations Commission.

“To the workers like cleaning either administrative They are earning the same as teachers and the responsibilities are very different, there are even teachers who work seven hours and earn the same as other teachers who work three or four hours a day,” said Reina Astudillo, a preschool teacher who demands stability in salaries and working hours.

The CNTE threatened to go on an indefinite national strike in the event that today, April 15, they do not obtain favorable responses to their requests.

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The President promised to provide a written response to the teachers’ requests that they have been demanding since the beginning of the six-year term.

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