Netflix and its thriller movie that is now a success around the world

The streaming platform Netflix has surprised its subscribers with an incredible suspense film that is now enjoying great success among the public, becoming one of the most watched films currently in the world.

Are you a fan of mystery thrillers? Netflix has the ideal movie for you. This is ‘Weekend in Croatia’, a movie Argentina that has recently arrived on the platform streaming American and has conquered a large part of the public.

Starring Leighton Meester and directed by Kim Farranttells the story of two best friends who meet again after spending a long time apart, and who will have to go through a hectic weekend, mainly the star figure, who will remember these days as the worst of her life because of an emergency that will endanger your life.

Available in Netflix For a few days now, it has become one of the most viewed movies at the moment. As you can read, there is no way to miss ‘Weekend in Croatia’ and enjoy a suspense thriller that will make your hair stand on end.

Check your official trailer here:

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