The US claims to have deported more than half a million migrants in almost 10 months – El Sol de México

USA has been deported in almost 10 months 530 thousand migrants who have entered the country irregularly, a “record” number, an official from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

“Since May 12, when the public health emergency was lifted in the border We have already repatriated more than 530 thousand people, a record for this time,” said DHS Undersecretary of Border Policy and Immigration, Blas Núñez-Neto, in a press conference.

The vast majority “crossed the southwest border, including more than 88 thousand family members“he added.

In May the administration of Democratic President Joe Biden lifted a health rule that allowed blocking at the border almost all migrants who arrived without the documentation necessary to enter.

To counteract the suspension, it introduced “legal channels” that force migrants to make an appointment through a mobile phone application. (CBP One) or to carry out the procedures in the countries through which they pass, for example by taking advantage of humanitarian permits and family reunification.

Those who try to enter the country by evading these routes can be expelled through repatriations accelerated.

“We continue to impose serious consequences at the border for people who cross illegally,” the official warned.

The flights of expulsion were destined for more than 130 countries.

Migration is one of the hot topics of the Campaign for the November presidential elections, especially for Bidenwhom Republicans accuse of having allowed the entry of a record number of migrants.

Last December, border authorities intercepted migrants and asylum seekers 302 thousand times in the border with Mexico.

These flights could be complicated by Venezuelawhich has threatened to suspend them if the US government reimposes in April the sanctions on the oil sector that it lifted in October, after having done so with the gold industry.

Washington has warned that it will reimpose them if the ggovernment of Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro continues to breach an agreement reached with the opposition.

“There are always adjustments that are made based on conversations with governments (…) With the government of Venezuela “We are still in discussions about the flight that was suspended” lately, said Núñez-Neto, who estimates that the next one will depart “soon.”

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