Netflix and the South Korean movie you should watch immediately

The streaming platform Netflix It has an incredible film of South Korean origin that is our undisputed recommendation of the weekend. With a history Shocking, it will keep you tied to the chair from the first moment.

‘A girl of the 20th century’ is the name of this south korean movie starring Kim You-jungByeon Woo-seok and Park Jung-woo which is available on Netflix.

Furthermore, the management fell into the hands of bang Woo-riwho managed to create a quality cinematographic atmosphere that allowed him to earn numerous praise from the criticism. And therefore, it is the recommendation that you enjoy it immediately.

“In 1999, a teenager investigates the life of a classmate, with whom her best friend is in love. But then and unexpectedly, she will find herself involved in her own love story,” says the synopsis of Netflix.

Check the official trailer from ‘A Girl of the 20th Century’ here:

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