Queen Sofia of Spain has asked King Felipe VI not to be buried in the Royal Crypt

The queen Sofia from Spain is in poor health, so she feels it is necessary to be prepared for any circumstance that could occur in the near future. Given this and confirmed by the Spanish press, she has already asked her son, the king philip SAWso that she is not buried in the famous Royal Crypt.

Sofia Spain and Greece He has asked King Felipe and his other children that in the event of his death, she does not want to be buried in the Royal Crypt of El Escorial.

He made these wishes clear a long time ago, but the worsening of his health It has been the ideal setting to remind them again.

The emerita was admitted last Tuesday, April 9, to the Ruber clinic in the city of Madridfollowing a infection urinary. Due to her advanced age, the doctors recommended that her children remain hospitalized for 24 hours for observation, but although they assure that she is progressing favorably, the emeritus will remain admitted to the clinical center all week.

Queen Sofia has already requested that she wants to be cremated and that her ashes be thrown into the Mediterranean or the Aegean Sea, because it is her sea and the place where she was born,” stated Spanish media.

In this way, the mother of king philip SAW She has already made it very clear how she wants to be fired from this earthly plane. She does not want her remains to rest in the Royal Crypt of El Escorial.

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