Netizens Angry After ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Was ‘Groped’ By Security Guard

Recently, a great stir has been created on social networks after Internet users have not taken in the best way a search that the Idol received. Sunghoon of ENHYPEN by one of the security personnel at an airport.

Although these security checks are quite regular for all people, many believed that what happened with the Idol was not something normal, because before Sunghoon went to Taiwanone of the security called him to be searched, and while his face looked away, his hands were on the artist’s buttsomething unusual.

The fans who were there shared the photo taken on social networks, which caused the anger of many Internet users, as they took this as a lack of respect towards the Idol, commenting that perhaps the security guy was a fan and took advantage of the moment to ‘grope’ the artist.

Although there were some who took this matter seriously, others took it as a joke, which caused the photograph to gain 800,000 visits within hours.

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