Ningning from aespa could be the next ambassador of this important fashion brand

Ningning She is without a doubt one of the female idols of the K-Pop most charismatic and talented that exists, a very compelling reason for any luxury brand to want to put its name and face on its most popular products, and it seems that an important and recognized firm would want her as its new global ambassador.

On December 26, the artist shared a photograph on her Instagram story, where she showed all her followers a beautiful and elegant letter that she had received from Versaceso immediately all her fans began to assume that the singer had already started conversations with the brand to become its next beautiful ambassador.

The letter dictated the next: “Thank you very much for staying with Versace this year! Let’s continue to create more exciting and joyful moments in the future. Have a happy and successful end of the year, we’ll see you next year! Thank you.»

With this, many of the users who frequent their social networks began to put together the puzzle, realizing that Ningning had been constantly wearing various Versace garments at different events, and with this unexpected gift that the fashion brand sent her, the expectation about his incorporation The brand’s ranks in 2024 are increasing more and more.

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