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The Wellness Card It is important for all beneficiaries who receive the Welfare Pensionsince it is the only means by which resources are made and obtained.

Therefore, it is important that you maintain it and avoid misplace it or in case of suffering heist of this, you must inform the Welfare Bank so that the block and do not misuse the card.

How to recover your Welfare Card to collect the Welfare Pension?

If for some reason you lose the Wellness Card and the date for the deposit of the Welfare Pension or you simply have a balance and need to use your cash, you can recover it.

According to the Welfare Secretariatall you have to do are the following steps:

  • Block the Wellness Card calling by phone 800 821 3844

  • Have the curp and INE at hand to confirm personal data

  • Write down the folio number

  • Call 800 639 4264 and press option 1

  • Give your folio, CURP and information of the INE

  • You will be assigned a new date to pick up the new card

  • Once you get it, it will take a couple of days to activate

  • If it is not activated, you can do it in a ATM with your new PIN

Where can you use the Wellbeing Card?

  • Withdraw cash at ATMs

  • Buy in stores self service

  • Buy in stores that have Bank terminal

  • Pay for electricity or water services

  • Buy by Internet

  • You can use it throughout the country

Registration for the Welfare Pension

The Welfare Secretariat announced in a statement extension for registration of the adults over 65 years who wish to receive the Welfare Pension.

People who turn 65 years old from November 1, 2023 until June 30, 2024, will have the opportunity to take the record from December 26 to 30.

Ariadna Montiel, Secretary of Welfare, asked interested parties to go to Wellbeing Module nearest to be able to register and enter the agency’s portal to locate the corresponding offices.

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