NewJeans enters the prestigious ‘Billion Club’ in the Melon Hall of Fame

The girls of NewJeans have shown since their debut that they are already made because they have come, taming a large number of milestones and recognitions in their long and difficult path within the K-Pop industry, and the Bunnies (as the band’s most loyal fans call themselves) support these words, being the first to always support their favorite idols.

First of all you should know that Melon It has a very similar relevance to Spotify, but it is more focused on K-Pop and Asian artists, and now, this December 27, the medium Kakao Entertainment has reported that thanks to the popularity, talent and charisma of the girls, they have joined the “Billion Club”, a very special category of Melon, that’s right, NewJeans has managed to pass one billion streams since its debut !

One more time, minji, hanni, Danielle, Haerinand Hyeinhave shown not only their fans, but the entire world the results of their hard efforts, congratulations to the girls of NewJeans for this incredible milestone!

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