Participant of the reality show ‘The Squid Game’ reveals that he entered the program because of the cosplay that V from BTS did

It is no secret to anyone how popular it is. V of btswhose talent and charisma have taken him to the top of the music industry. Kpopinside and outside the Asian continent, which is why it is completely normal that many people feel influenced by the fashion and trends that the Idol replicates.

And now, a person who participated in the controversial reality show ‘The Squid Game‘ of Netflixrevealed through a video TikTok that the main reason why he decided to join the show was because Taehyung had previously cosplayed one of the guards that appear in the series as part of a promotional collaboration.


The real reason why I signed up for Squid Game 🤭 My fellow cast mates may have been competing for $4.56 million dollars but I was competing for Taehyung’s heart 😘

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“The real reason why I participated in Squid Game. My castmates competed for the $4.5 million, but I, on the other hand, He did it to win Taehyung’s heart.“explained the influencer. Of course, this made me largely sympathize with the ARMYwho stated that they would also do anything for their favorite Idol.

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