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Las Vegas, Nevada.- In an NFL dominated by quarterbacksonce again it was a reference for this position who won the award for JMost Valuable Player (MVP) of the 2023 season: Lamar Jackson.

The ceremony of Honors, in addition to exalting the career of the new group of immortals, It also serves to reward the individual effort of the best players of the campaign that is about to culminate in Super Bowl LVIII.

All the great players of the league dream of being recognized as the MVP, but only one can boast such a distinction. The award that has been awarded since 1957 fell into the hands of an old acquaintance: Lamar Jackson.

The dream year that signed the Baltimore Ravens QB won the award as the Most Valuable, a distinction that he had already received a couple of years ago, in 2019.

Lamar Jackson, MVP despite being left out of the Super Bowl

Beyond the fact that it did not have the best playoffs, dwhere they lost the final of the American Conference (AFC) against the Kansas City Chiefs, the work that Jackson did in the regular phase was more than enough for the vote to lean in his favor.

It should be noted that these awards are made at the end of the regular seasonwithout counting what happens in the postseason, so the jury only takes into account what the superstars do throughout the 18 weeks.

Lamar played 16 games in the campaign, of which he won 13 and lost only three, to put the Ravens in first place in the American Conference. In these commitments, he was 67% effective in his throws for 3,678 yards passing, 24 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He also stood out on land with his traditional contribution.

Jackson won the race for MVP to other great players, such as Super Bowl participants Brock Purdy and Christian McCaffrey of the 49ers, as well as Josh Allen (Bills) and Dak Prescott (Cowboys).

In this way it maintained the trend that the MVP is a quarterback since 2013. The last one to break the rule was running back Adrian Peterson as a member of the Minnesota Vikings in 2012.

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