This is the BTS member that ‘Squid Game’ actor Lee Jung Jae admires the most

The actor Lee Jung Jaerecognized for his participation in the Netflix series ‘Squid Game‘, or ‘Squid Game’, has excited all the fans of the BTS group, after admitting that one member of them was the one for whom he felt the most admiration, and the one for whom he felt the most fanaticism with his songs.

Although all the members of the group are international stars, one of them has attracted attention with his musical talent, achieving that to this day, despite being in the army, his songs have become an anthem in the kpop.

It is nothing more and nothing less than Jungkook, the star Lee Jung Jae admires the most. The fact became known after the entertainment agency Artist Company released a video in which many stars revealed which song gives them the most strength and which they admire for its performer. The renowned actor revealed that ‘Standing Next to You‘ from Jungkook’s album Golden is one of the ones he listens to the most, and therefore the singer he most considers an example.

And although the actor chose Golden Maknae and his song, it should be noted that he has always had a very close friendship with another member of BTS, V.

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