Prince Andrew would be improving his relationship with King Charles III by staying by his side

The brother of king Charles IIIhe prince andrew, for some time now he has not been seen well by the British people due to a series of negative rumors that he has maintained throughout his life. For this reason, perhaps, he had not been very close with the current monarch and it would be indicating that they had even remained apart for a long period of time.

However, after learning of the king’s cancer announcement, Prince Andrew has been exercising more functions in the monarchy in order to support him in his absence, and according to the royal author Angela Levinthe two have been closer than ever.

Speaking in GBN Americathe expert has pointed out:

King Charles III thinks that the family should stay together, which is why the prince has visited him many times and tried to encourage him when he learned of the diagnosis, and to this day he tries to be very kind.

Which would make it clear that the two brothers would have a much closer relationship nowwhen the whole family is experiencing a painful moment.

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