They claim that King Charles III is still married to Camilla Parker for an important reason

The marriage of king Charles III with Camilla Parker It is a topic that has a long history and controversy for years, where love was in the public light for a time as a result of the union that the current monarch had with the deceased. princess Diana. And now, a marriage expert assures that the king only has one important reason to remain married to the British consort.

Laura Ferreiroa renowned psychologist and expert in marital relationships, has assured that the king of United Kingdom He has only one reason why he has remained married and in love with Camilla Parker for so many years.

Carlos is completely hooked on Camilla, he lives obsessed by her and did not stop in his fight until he got married. Camilla has always been and will be the great love of her life,” Ferreiro stated.

There, he explained what is the only but very important reason why the Head of state He will remain married to Parker Bowles until the day he dies:

“Despite the passing of the years, they both maintain a very sexual and passionate side, but also a very emotional and fun side. Camilla knows how to handle Carlos’ complex personalityand that is the reason why he has endured everything for her,” he concluded.

The marriage between king Charles III and Camilla Parker It was formalized in 2005. Criticism of their union has never ceased, but the current scenario has allowed them to come to the throne in a more peaceful way and accepted by the public.

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