Prince Harry faces ‘public shaming’ as his US residency is in danger, royal expert says

He prince harry The United Kingdom is in another serious problem as a result of the investigation that is being carried out with its US visa application. This whole situation, according to a expert realhas the duke facing public shame which could intensify in the coming weeks.

The ‘Mail on Sunday’ editor and royal expert charlotte Griffithsassured host Patrick Christys of ‘GB News’ that Prince Harry feels “very anxious” and faces “a public shame“, since the documents of his visa application have been delivered to a federal judge.

If it is discovered that the duke lied about his drug use for his visa application, either in his book ‘Spare’ or on his application, “It will be really embarrassing for him and for the royalty“said the expert.

“At first it seemed like a trick of the Foundation Heritage, because they made the request and we wondered if it would really lead to anything. But this moment is really alarming, because it has actually led to something, this is really happening now and it will be public,” Griffths asserted.

In turn, Patrick assured that Prince Harry could believe that the whole situation is about a “free witch hunt“, and the “irony” of what the Heritage Foundation is doing is that “they don’t actually want him back in the UK anyway.”

Griffiths agreed with what the Duke of Sussex might think, but also considered that “It seems like a witch hunt, but she was probably invited” for the prince’s actions in his memoir.

She told GB News the next:

“Sure, there is a witch hunt, but was she invited? I think it was probably, because Harry wrote about it in a book, to sell books and make money in the middle of the drama,” he concluded.

The Heritage Foundation wants to get to the bottom of the case of the prince harry and your visa USA. The conservative group maintains that the duke could have lied to obtain his visa, since otherwise, he would have had to receive some type of benefit from the administration of Joe Biden to be able to legally reside in the North American country.

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