BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s latest announcement has caused netizens to severely criticize YG Entertainment

Lisa from BLACKPINK A few hours ago he thrilled his fans by announcing that he had a new project on the way. It is about the union that she made with an important production company known as RCA Recordsa record label with which she hopes to work alone and consolidate many new successes.

The new news has been taken positively by his followers, however, in one way or another has been taken as an example for them to criticize YG Entertainment and the actions he previously had with the singer.

The BLINKS, as their fans are called, They have criticized YG Entertainment after Lisa’s new announcementsince they think that the company always tried to ‘minimize’ or ‘hide’ all of the singer’s talent while she was with the company, because now that she has control of her work and established her own agency for solo projects, He has been able to shine much brighter, and has shown that it is not that he did not have talent or projects for his future, but that the company would have been repressing all of this.

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