Prince Harry would not have traveled to the United Kingdom alone because of King Charles III’s cancer

He the prince Harry He immediately traveled to United Kingdom When it became public that his father was suffering from cancer, king Charles III. But now, a new report suggests that the reason for his trip was not the announcement of his illness. Head of statesince he would have had another important reason to return to his country.

According to what several royal experts have explained, the reasons for the visit of the duke of sussex to the United Kingdom were not only linked to his father’s cancer diagnosis, since they could also have been provoked by other institutional issues.

In these moments, the british crown He is going through a very tense moment; The king is not the only one who is resting due to health problems, the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton is also recovering from a surgery abdominal. They are two important members who are not active and several cards have already been put on the table.

Harry’s visit would be related to an institutional issue“says the royal expert Shell Lanewho also assures that a possible abdication of the Head of State has already been discussed in the Palace.

“There is a serious health crisis where two of its high-ranking members are out of circulation right now and the machinery that has to be put in place has to be put in place,” said Calleja. “William needs his Prince of Wales “It couldn’t be George at ten years old and neither can Charlotte nor Louis, who they have to talk to is Harry.”

Some means of United Kingdom have stated that there are various possibilities that the prince harry travel to the country again to hold new meetings with the king charles IIIwho is currently receiving treatment for cancer.

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