Prince Harry’s relationship with King Charles III “is better than you imagine,” says royal expert

A royal expert and commentator has assured that the relationship of prince harry with his father, king charles III, is “better than many imagine.” Since 2020, it has become evident that there have been numerous differences between the duke and the monarch, following the breakdown of the royal duties of his youngest son and his daughter-in-law. However, it seems that the announcement of his cancer would have helped improve his relationship with his son.

Afua makecommentator and royal expert, has assured the British portal ‘Newsweek’ that the link between duke of sussex and King CharlesIt may be stronger than many imagine.“.

He Head of state He announced to the public that he was suffering from cancer on February 6. And that same day, Harry landed in London to have a small meeting with his father.

This, according to Hagan, was only evidence that would demonstrate that the romantic relationship between father and son it would be in very good conditiondespite the possible differences and problems that exist between them.

I think they probably overcame the conflict more than we can imagine.. Obviously there are still problems, and there is probably still pain on both sides, but as I said, health is a great leveler and now their bond is very strong,” the royal expert assured the aforementioned media.

Ague assures that the problems of health of the monarch They have helped father and son get closer, more than just on sentimental issues:

“I think that The king’s cancer diagnosis is giving them both the opportunity to put an end to things that happened in the past. I always say that health is a great equalizer and an important tool, it’s really good for bringing people together. “If both parties can find the time, it would be great for them to have that time together.”

He prince harry will travel to United Kingdom next May 8, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games. Various media believe that the duke could meet with the king Charles III on your next visit to your country.

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