Episcopate asks to avoid speculation about the disappearance of Bishop Salvador Rangel – El Sol de México

The Conference of the Mexican Episcopate asked to avoid conjecture and speculation about the brief disappearance of the bishop emeritus of the diocese of Chilapa-Chilpancingo, Salvador Rangel Mendozawho was found on April 29 in a Cuernavaca Morelos hospital.

The church stressed its confidence in the institutions as authorities responsible for carrying out the corresponding investigation, which is why it asked to avoid “conjectures and speculations that rarify the case unnecessarily.”

Bishop Emeritus Salvador Rangel He was absent since Saturday, March 27, and on Monday, March 29, the Episcopate Conference reported him missing. However, hours later his location was reported in the Dr. José G. Parres hospital, in Cuernavaca.

At said health center, a toxicological examination was performed, which showed the consumption of cocaine and benzodiazepine. He was later taken to a private hospital.

This Thursday, the Public Security Commissioner of Morelos, José Antonio Ortiz Guarneros, reported that the two days that the bishop was allegedly missing, he remained at the Real Ocotepec motel, which he entered of his own free will.

“As far as we know – the Bishop – voluntarily entered the hotel with a person who later left, but that is all we know,” said the commissioner.

In advance the prosecutor of Morelos, Uriel Carmona suggested that the disappearance of the bishop emeritus could have been the cause of a express kidnappingsince They made transactions in their bank accounts.

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The Episcopate Conference thanked the stability of Monsignor Rangel Mendoza who maintains a “reserved” state of health. Likewise, he announced that as soon as the bishop is in stable health “he will make his statement and report back in a timely manner.”

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