Prince William and Kate Middleton criticized for putting their children above their royal work

He prince william and his wife, the Princess Kate Middletonhave once again provoked the British media, but this time for a matter completely unrelated to their love situation, and now, because both have been carrying their three children, the princes george, louis the princess charlotte Everywhere, they are being heavily criticized for supposedly abandoning responsibility for their royal duties.

“How is it that now they are walking with their children everywhere, what about the duties of royalty?”, “There are already several events in which they walk with the little ones, shouldn’t they already do their job?”, “I like it.” the idea of ​​Kate and Willie spending time with their children, but we must not neglect work either,” were some of the comments of users who criticized the couple.

However, the royal expert, Gareth Russelldefends these “priorities” of the princes of Wales, in an exclusive for GB News, said: “We can defend the couple, but in the sense that this is what it looks like when the monarchy prioritizes its children and family life. “The reason why this seems incorrect to us is because in previous generations the royals did not do it, they were not with their children enough.”

With this, the royal writer wanted to imply that times, customs and responsibilities in royalty, will continue to change constantly, something that many Internet users do not take into account when writing a review about the impoverishment of work of the royal family. Do you think that both Kate and William are doing the right thing? Or maybe they should focus more on their activities with the crown. What do you think of all this?

How do you feel about this news?

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