Queen Letizia would have put her alleged lover into the bed of King Felipe VI

The book of Jaime Penafiel states that the Queen Letizia of Spain had a passionate affair with Jaime Burg. But everything does not stop there, since in the new revelations of her alleged lover, numerous secrets are revealed that even implicate the man’s own bed. king Philip VI as one of the alleged settings for the nights of passion between the monarch and her former brother-in-law.

Through his most recent statements in X (Twitter)Jaime del Burgo has once again set the fire to the controversy surrounding the Royal family Spanishthanks to his new details about his alleged affair with Queen Letizia.

In his new statements, del Burgo assures that he and Mrs. Letizia also They took advantage of the moments when Felipe VI was not at home due to institutional commitments and he entered into Operetta without being seen. According to him, the queen would make up any story, and she would sneak him into the house without suspecting anything among the cleaning staff.

“What are you doing this weekend?”. “Work”. “You come to see me?” , to which she responds: «I stayed to spend the weekend in Zarzuela. It was July 2010. Lying in the same hammock, under the pool porch, he told me I love you and I responded I love you,” she said.

Apparently Jaime del Burgo and Letizia spent hours in the room king Philip VI in the prince’s pavilion. In this way they avoided being seen according to him and his most recent statements.

The public’s opinions regarding his words are disparate, since they still hope that the Queen Letizia either Operetta issue a statement explaining what really could have happened.

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