Prince William faces off with Queen Camilla over key role of King Charles III

The things that happen in the British royal family are of vital interest to the the prince william, since his position as heir to the throne makes him one of the most representative images of the crown. And now, his interest declines toward queen Stretcherwho has taken an important role in the affairs of the king charles III.

Currently, Charles III is the only member of the royal family who grants royal powers in the British crown. However, this could soon change, as there are plans to give royal powers to his wife, Queen Camilla.

However, that is where Prince William’s role lies in this drama, since apparently he will also be given some powers. At the same time, it has been revealed that there will soon be a review of real guarantees for a group of around 800 companies that supply the royal house in some terms such as fashion.

The document that allows companies to use Royal Arms Its brand is in the hands of Burberry and Barbour, as well as many other manufacturers of exclusive clothing worn by royals.

Paul Algiersdirector of international affairs at the UK Fashion and Textile Association, told the Telegraph:

“The first ask What we have not yet seen an answer to is how many donors there will be. There are conversations in the industry about whether Queen Camilla and the Prince of Wales They will also do it,” he asserted.

“But I think there is a level of concern because everyone is thinking about what will happen to those collateral when, for example, there are fewer people to deliver them. We are pretty sure that Your Majesty “You’ll want to look perhaps in a little more detail at the sustainable and ethical practices of companies receiving guarantees than in the past.”

There enters the new scenario to which the prince william and the queen camilla they would be facing each other; Which of the two will obtain more royal powers and will they feel satisfied with the new guarantees they must grant?

“He king Charles III He is passionate about the built environment. “He is also passionate about agriculture, livestock and livestock.”

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