Queen Camilla Parker and her uncomfortable relationship with British royalty

The Queen Camilla Parker current monarch of the United Kingdom in the company of her husband, King Charles III, has not had a very good time since she joined royalty, because as many people know, her love affair with the king resulted in the infidelity they committed against him. the remembered Princess Diana.

Although the people of United Kingdom has never been able to accept her as a true queen, these have not been the only ones, since the king’s children, namely Prince William and Prince Harry, have always had an uncomfortable relationship with her, showing that she will never stop being seen simply as ‘the mistress’ of Charles III.

But this goes further, since the current princes have never seen Camilla Parker as their mother, and even the prince harry revealed in her memoir ‘Spare’ that Camila was ‘a woman capable of doing anything in order to have a good image and benefit towards her‘.

The same happens with the prince william, who detailed on some occasion that her children, that is, princes Charlotte, Louis and George, do not treat Camilla as their grandmother, but simply as their grandfather’s wife, which means that they have never been able to call her in a special way. The prince’s wife, Kate Middletonhas also kept her distance from the queen, because in the past she felt judged for her attitudes.

The comments of those closest to the king only make it clear that the queen has never been able to be treated in a good way and that her relationship with the British monarchy It has not been rosy.

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