The abrupt change of attitude that Queen Letizia has had due to rumors of infidelity

The multiple scandals that the Queen Letizia recently due to an alleged infidelity that he committed against King Felipe VI of Spain, with whom he would be his ex-brother-in-law Jaime del Burgohave been to blame for the queen’s sudden change of attitude in recent days.

The alleged compromising messages that Queen Letizia would have sent to her former brother-in-law have been revealed through the book: Letizia and I: What secrets is Queen Letizia hiding? journalist Jaime Penafieland where Del Burgo served as the main revealer of all the controversies.

And after the ex-husband of Telma Ortizsister of Queen Letizia, published the messages on social networks, the queen has had a change of attitude that no one could have expected, although it would be believed that she should be sheltered in her home, feeling somewhat sorry for everything that happened, Contrary to that, she has already said that the queen has been happier than ever sharing with her husband and daughters, demonstrating in some way that this does not affect her at all.

In addition to that, many people might think that the king Philip VI He would be devastated with the irreparable damage to his dignity, but it has been learned that he is giving his wife all his support and trying to divert the issue as quickly as possible.

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