Prince William would be envious of Prince Harry’s freedom, says royal expert

The last months for the prince william of the United Kingdom They have been a complete challenge in his life. His father’s and his wife’s cancer, added to the royal duties he has as Prince of Wales, have put enormous pressure and weight on his shoulders. And it is as a result of this scenario in which a royal expert assures that the heir to the throne would currently feel envy of his younger brother, the the prince Harrywho resigned from his royal duties at the beginning of 2020.

ed Owensexpert and royal commentator, stated that the prince of wales I would be envious of the freedom of the Duke of Sussexwho has achieved some success since he stopped being an active member of the British royal family.

Owens said that the difficult situation that William is currently experiencing due to breast cancer Kate Middleton and the king charles IIIplus Harry’s hits with Netflixthe Invictus Games and his life in the United States, could seem attractive to the future monarch.

William is a little envious of his brother’s freedoms.“said the commentator for the American magazine ‘U.S. Weekly‘.

The fact that Harry has the remarkable ability to pursue his passions, ideas and in turn explore different financial paths that do not involve the monarchythey would be causing his older brother to feel some jealousy, since he cannot allow himself to do those things.

The roles of prince william They are much more reserved. And as an active member of the crown, he cannot do business with his title of Prince of Wales. On the other hand, the situation for prince harry It is quite the opposite, who despite criticism continues to consolidate his name on different world stages.

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